Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oceanhorn 2: First gameplay video and screenshots!

Since many of you can't make it to the Nordic Game conference in Malm̦, Sweden Рwe decided to capture a video of our demo! The video is unedited footage that is captured on an actual iPhone 7 Plus.

If you happen to be in Nordic Game, come visit us at Epic's booth and try out the demo yourself! I will keep it short and let the video and screenshots speak for themselves.

Oceanhorn 2's Hero lives near ancient structure called Beacon.

Try and catch me!
Home sweet home and trusty old training dummy
So this is why the treasure is still here!
Arne Village is the starting location of Hero's adventures
Hero can carry and throw all sorts of objects
Owru houses
Journey will take Hero around the world

Galactoss will not suffer fools. Watch out for your healthbar!


  1. Support many platform Dev? Android pc PS4 Xbox switch

  2. Will it be released on android?

  3. is it a direct sequel to the first one

  4. Good game. I saw your video and I'm really impressed! When we actually play, will the world be persistent? (If I break a vase and leave the island and return later, will that vase be broken?) Could you add an option to play overhead like in your first game?

  5. I'm hoping for Xbox and/or Switch.
    Will there be a full map to look at? It would really help in getting around.

  6. Awesome can't wait to play it on AppleTV but I also hope you fix iCloud hearth sync bug between iOS/tvOS

  7. Please make oceanhorn 2 for Apple Tv!

  8. This is looking nice!
    But I suggest strongly two things:
    The animation needs to be way improved and the camera needs to be higher and further away. I suggest further away since I'm not a fan of the camera being so close where the ground behind the character is barely showing (making the camera higher would cause that probably so further away would probably fix that when making the camera higher.).

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Humbrey Omega. No need to be worried about :) - the game is work in progress, we are still long way from getting the game finished. I understand people are very used to see finished material in youtube, but since we are studio of five people, we have to iterate on features when making a video game, rather than complete the game one finished chunk at a time, like big studios do. Speaking of animations and camera, we believe we got them to satisfactory level for Nordic Game demo, but both of these elements are far from being complete and we have not yet reached the target we have for them. It is never easy to show unfinished work, but we figured our awesome fan base and audience deserves an update. That being said, we're extremely happy what we've achieved so far and the feedback we have received from you. Our communitys support is what drives us forward. There are plenty of surprises coming in upcoming months. We'll make sure you will see more videos!

    2. That sounds nice! Yeah I assume it wasn't finished maybe. I just wanted to give feedback in case and extra notes about the camera. Like you might fix the camera but I wanted to add the further out (or optional) suggestion to give a new idea in case you didn't have the further out idea. For animation, I very assume it would be better in the future sometime. XD

      Looking forward to the updates!

  9. Would you guys be interested in getting up DLC content like Breath of the Wild has, or do you want it to be a one time purchase deal with a possibility of free added expansions like the original Oceanhorn?

    1. Hello!
      First off I must compliment you guys on oceanhorn 1.
      This is like a a golden nugget for everyone who does not own a console or don't want, to be able to enjoy this "zelda styled" adventure gameplay.
      I loved what you made with the first game and this 2nd version seams to be even better.

      But I have 2 questions:
      1. Will Oceanhorn 2 support my Xbox one controller like oceanhorn 1?

      2. Can we expect a bit better quest log this time?
      (In Ocean1, I had to google help a few times after work to understand where I needed to go to due to much time/weeks away from the game. It didn't feel as I could pick it right back up after a long period away without asking myself "Where did I need to go or what did i need to do".
      (that was my own personal experience)

      3.Is multiplayer or online co-op missions dungeon themed adventures something you have ever thought of maybe for the future for oceanhorn 2 or a new "2.5D" game like ocean 1?
      like an "Tri Force Heroes" on the 3ds inspired game with team-work effort gameplay, that would be so much fun to play on the pc with a controller in that art-styled environment.
      Maybe free to play with micro transactions or something to keep people with all ages able to enjoy the game. (Just an idea).

    2. All good questions, but I don't think you meant to reply to my original comment considering that I don't know their plans for the second game, as I am just another fan.

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